Humane Society of Central Alabama
is now
Sky Hill Animal Society

We have started so many new projects and have so many new programs coming….. HSCA just no longer described us. We are now based at Kaye Knights childhood home, known as Sky Hill Farms. The name Sky Hill Animal Society more encompasses all of our goals! Thank you for everyone’s support and thank you in advance for your future support! We are in the process of developing logos and the such, but we wanted everyone to know what was happening when you saw our new name!! We are so excited!!!!!!

The Purpose of Sky Hill Animal Society is to:

  1. To assist our local shelter or other entities where unwanted animals are surrendered in providing the public with fully vetted animals for adoption.
  2. To provide the public with a subsidy program to assist with the cost of spaying and neutering.
  3. To assist owners willing to keep their dogs by offering temporary foster or financial assistance for needed care, maintenance or food.
  4. To provide animal training and animal-related activities to improve the relationship between owners and animals.
  5. To provide assistance to those wishing to owner-train dogs as service animals.
  6. To place rescued animals into permanent adoptive homes.
  7. To provide various groups such as foster children and persons with special needs, the opportunity to interact with animals.
  8. To educate the public on how to help prevent animal cruelty.