It is all official!! We have a logo and all of the legal forms have come back approved! We even have a sign at the training center! Contractors are breaking ground this week on an exciting new addition to Sky Hill we will tell you more about as it all comes together! We will of course continue to partner with the SELMA Animal Shelter as we always have, but as we stress frequently, we are not the shelter, the shelter is owned and run by the City of Selma. We have great dogs at various levels of training up for adoption, we have been offering volunteer hours to local teens to come and be part of the enrichment program with the dogs. We have one dog training to assist a Veteran, and are evaluating dogs for two more Veterans. We have had 2 very successful rounds of training classes with a new session starting in May. Kids have been coming out by appointment to read to the dogs. (You know, to just help the dogs!) This last weekend we had Therapy dogs trained through our programs and registered through Canines for Christ at the Bloom House Easter Egg Hunt to hang out with the kids and we had horses and Therapy Dogs at a Church for their Easter Program on Saturday. We can’t take pictures when dealing with foster kids, but enjoy these pictures of the kids at the church with us sharing God’s creation with them.