Our Volunteers are the BEST!

Great volunteers today!! We got the donated food into the barrels! This would have taken Lynn many trips up and down stairs, but with many hands it got done quickly! So for a reward for their hard work, we spent the rest of the time playing with puppies! Lillie helped Jesse work on his leash manners and the sit command. Pat worked with Duke on his manners. Kay Alsobrook decided that all of the puppies needed lap and petting time, and she was the perfect person for that job! Goodwin decided his favorite part was playing with the toys with the pups! We have have a bunch of tired pups!! Want to come help out? We have volunteers from 5:30pm-7:30pm on Monday and Tuesday. Let us know if you want to help!

Purina Puppy Food Anyone?

Last week, even with all the storms and power in and out and computer problems and Internet problems and insurance kinks and and and…it was still a great week!! We started a new obedience class that meets on Thursdays (still one spot open to anyone interested! !) Our awesome friend Amanda Hopkins, aka the coupon queen, sent us lots of great supplies, and more adult dog food was donated by several people. With all these puppies, we could still use Purina Puppy Food if anyone wants to help out with that. We took a couple of dogs to hang out and meet people on Water Ave. for Art Walk and Food Truck Saturday. The best part of the week came from that…..Hershey met his new Mom and was adopted! We have several adoptions pending. Looking for your new best friend?? Contact us to set up a time to meet some of the dogs and puppies!

Puppy Breath in the House!

ON May 25, Cookie started having puppies. When Lynn Left for work, thinking they were all done, there were 7 puppies. When Lynn got back after work, there were 9 puppies! They will be looking for homes when they are 8 weeks old, around July 20. No clue who or what Daddy was, other than a dog. Can’t you just smell the puppy breath??

Cookie and her puppies

ON May 25, Cookie started having puppies. When Lynn Left for work, thinking they were all done, there were 7 puppies. When Lynn got back after work, there were 9 puppies! They will be looking for homes when they are 8 weeks old, around July 20. No clue who or what Daddy was, other than a dog. Can't you just smell the puppy breath??

Posted by Humane Society of Central Alabama on Friday, June 1, 2018


Special Olympics

The majority of our funding at Sky Hill comes from local donations. We love giving back in service to other agencies in our area like Special Olympics. Some Sky Hill Volunteers gave their time today to cook hot dogs for Cahaba Special Olympics. What a fun day!

Update–we’re official!

It is all official!! We have a logo and all of the legal forms have come back approved! We even have a sign at the training center! Contractors are breaking ground this week on an exciting new addition to Sky Hill we will tell you more about as it all comes together! We will of course continue to partner with the SELMA Animal Shelter as we always have, but as we stress frequently, we are not the shelter, the shelter is owned and run by the City of Selma. We have great dogs at various levels of training up for adoption, we have been offering volunteer hours to local teens to come and be part of the enrichment program with the dogs. We have one dog training to assist a Veteran, and are evaluating dogs for two more Veterans. We have had 2 very successful rounds of training classes with a new session starting in May. Kids have been coming out by appointment to read to the dogs. (You know, to just help the dogs!) This last weekend we had Therapy dogs trained through our programs and registered through Canines for Christ at the Bloom House Easter Egg Hunt to hang out with the kids and we had horses and Therapy Dogs at a Church for their Easter Program on Saturday. We can’t take pictures when dealing with foster kids, but enjoy these pictures of the kids at the church with us sharing God’s creation with them.

Supplies Needed

Everyone is always asking how they can help our Adoptable Dog Program. Now that we have so many dogs staying at the Sky Hill Training Center, we could use a few things! We like to use white vinegar for cleaning. With puppies right now we really need potty pads, paper towels, garbage bags, Clorox wipes and any brand dry dog food. Message us on here and we will be glad to meet you or give you directions to Sky Hill so you can meet the dogs! We operate solely on donations and grants. Thanks in advance for everyone’s support.


Mom and all 8, yes you read that right EIGHT puppies are doing well!! That is a lot of pups for a such a little dog! We are helping mom keep them all fed. Today, we start Bio Sensory training by the Puppy Culture guidelines. This will help them to become well adjusted puppies as they grow and is proven to produce smarter dogs. We will start a waiting list soon for people interested in adopting these babies. If you would like to donate to their care and to other dogs care in our program, you can drop donations off at Selma Animal Hospital, or mail to, HSCA, PO Box 511, Selma Al 36701. We operate purely off of donations and grants. Any and all help is appreciated!

Dog Obedience Training Classes

A group obedience class is the best way for most owners to learn how to do just that. Unlike a book or video, a live class offers tailored advice and feedback from a professional dog trainer, the chance for your dog to get comfortable around people and other dogs, an opportunity for your dog to practice listening to you with a ton of distractions around, and a regular date with your dog when you can learn to better understand each other and bond. Classes start this Thursday! Contact Lynn Sanders with any questions.

Becoming Sky Hill Animal Society

Humane Society of Central Alabama
is now
Sky Hill Animal Society

We have started so many new projects and have so many new programs coming….. HSCA just no longer described us. We are now based at Kaye Knights childhood home, known as Sky Hill Farms. The name Sky Hill Animal Society more encompasses all of our goals! Thank you for everyone’s support and thank you in advance for your future support! We are in the process of developing logos and the such, but we wanted everyone to know what was happening when you saw our new name!! We are so excited!!!!!!

The Purpose of Sky Hill Animal Society is to:

  1. To assist our local shelter or other entities where unwanted animals are surrendered in providing the public with fully vetted animals for adoption.
  2. To provide the public with a subsidy program to assist with the cost of spaying and neutering.
  3. To assist owners willing to keep their dogs by offering temporary foster or financial assistance for needed care, maintenance or food.
  4. To provide animal training and animal-related activities to improve the relationship between owners and animals.
  5. To provide assistance to those wishing to owner-train dogs as service animals.
  6. To place rescued animals into permanent adoptive homes.
  7. To provide various groups such as foster children and persons with special needs, the opportunity to interact with animals.
  8. To educate the public on how to help prevent animal cruelty.